"Crafting Cultural Narratives, Bridging Art and Information - Jaume Orejuela: Where Innovation Meets Tradition."

Jaume Orejuela played Tetris, he wants to die by Infoxication for which he accumulates more than 300,000 personal photos on Flickr, in 2014 he cried in front of Woman with Caffemachine by C├ęzanne at the Orsay Museum in Paris, he has drawn the silhouette of the Balearic Islands with a thread of Red color of 50 kilometers through the streets of Manhattan in New York using different types of maps, once he spend a a week in Berlin and did not visit any monument, museum or trendy bar and only walked along with his mates, he is very interested in his own works and he uses it in a self-referential way. Jaume dreams of a third person. It uses English as a source language to present its projects, Back-up, Information Overload, Map Overlay, Cross References, Error Universal, Wifi on the Beach One thing will not replace the other and Task and Construct that articulate conceptually around a given idea. This flow of ideas is generated from the research carried out by Jaume for the last years around:

the creation, management and storage of information in cultural environments and the use of techniques and technologies applied to the production of works of art.

This research is the central body of its investigation that is based on the type of knowledge and creative production it develops.

Picture of a Jaume Orejuela's work.

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