Task and Construct, 2023

"Sometimes paintings are visions that appear distorted. Visions without a return journey, immortalized in three dimensions. And their construction is mine. And their color is mine. And their nature is mine. I even make their passport and their way of understanding art mine. Jaume Orejuela immerses us in an infinite ocean full of anarchic points that together draw the shape of life, its nature, its vitality, a collection of points that are a pictorial work in themselves. Strokes, marks, circles, hoops, wheels, discs, and orbits linked by a brush that leaves no stone unturned with immense colors in their combination. I see these paintings and the importance of time that blurs our habitat comes to mind, moments of life, glimpses of the environment brought to non-reality and executed with absolute patience and precision. And after that, the first thing I think about is how limitless the fine arts are and how much we still have to see. Pol Font"

Project Collection
Task and Construct I.jpeg
Task and Construct II.jpeg
Task and Construct III.jpeg
Task and Construct IV.jpeg
Task and Construct V.jpeg
Task and Construct VI.jpeg
Task and Construct VII, 100 x 120 cm, acríllic sobre tela, 2024
Task and Construct VIII.jpg
Task and construct IX.jpg
Task and Construct X.jpg
Picture of a Jaume Orejuela's work.

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